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Welcome to Lily Linesque 2.0 - The NYC Edition!

Hello, and welcome to Lily Linesque! For those of you who are new here, I’m Lily LoBasso, and Lily Linesque is my small graphic design business. It was founded by me in 2016 when I previously lived in Portland, OR. I like to do a variety of things in the art and design realm, anything from branding and logos to fonts and lettering to even 3D modeling. My goal though is to help you with any visual solutions for your business or lifestyle, in person where I’m currently based or remotely from wherever you are located.

Anyways, I’ve had quite a few changes in my life over the last few years. For starters, I got married back in the spring of 2018. And then the biggest change happened about a year ago, in October of 2019: I moved with my husband and cat to New York City!

It's been a very exciting experience for a multitude of reasons. We're living in Midtown Manhattan, which means we've been close to so many experiences, attractions, and food to explore and try. And when something is further out, it's not too far via the subway, bus, or ferry. Some experiences have been more stressful though, like living in an epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic from the start of it in March to the present day. Although it’s been a stressful time period, I’ve at least been able to use the time productively in many ways, especially in working on many of my projects.

One of these projects that I am happy to announce is a fresh redesign and branding, along with a brand new website!

On top of that, I have also begun posting images from another personal project that I have been working on related to a favorite TV show of mine. To celebrate The CW’s “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” starting five years ago on October 12th, I’m designing album artwork for each of the songs from the TV series created by Rachel Bloom and Aline Brosh McKenna. With this project, I'm planning to post a few pieces of artwork per week, approximately five years after the episode aired for each of the songs for the album artwork I'm designing covers for each week. Since each of the songs from the CW's television show parodies another song, artist, or genre, I've made sure to do my research and figure out how to visually represent each song going forward.

Here are the images from week one (representing the songs from season 1, episode 1):

“West Covina”

(Inspired by the Movie Poster for “On the Town”)

“The Sexy Getting Ready Song”

(Inspired by Album Artwork from The Pussycat Dolls & Girls Aloud)

“West Covina (Reprise)”

(Inspired by the Movie Poster for “On the Town, Plus a Reinterpretation of My Album Artwork for “West Covina”)

So follow me here on my blog or on one of my many social media feeds below to see more album artwork in the coming weeks along with other design work of mine, like upcoming fonts and previous projects!

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All the best from my desk,

Lily Linesque


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